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Altingoz Ates Tugla Refrakter is Turkey's reputable leading refractory brick supplier with massive stock ranges of bricks.

We have been in refractory business since 1977. Our company's head office is located in Istanbul-Cayirova and our branch is based in south of Turkey(Mersin).

We have been serving industries like Glass, Ceramic, Steel, Lime Ovens, Frit Ovens, Grinding plants . Our products are best quality and we offer very competitive prices to our worldwide customers.

We also provide furnace repair materials & services such as Fused Cast AZS Zac Mortar, Zircon Patch and Mullite Mortar, Fire Concrete, Hot Repair Mortars used in related industry.

We also manufacture castables and mortars from 800°C to 1800°C.

We offer wide range of kiln refractories such as insulation bricks (1250 °C - 1600 °C all sizes) Kiz, Sic, Cordierite, Cranks, Props, Silicium carbure plates, Sic beams profiles and plates, Ceramic blankets, Ceramic fiber etc. are available in our stocks. We also manufacture brulor and back refractories for unique orders (special production by drawing) are available for our customers at our factory.

We always keep stock of AZS ZAC, Mullite, Zircon, Zircon Mullite, Andolusite, Silimanite, Cordierite Batts, Jargal, high and low Alumina Bricks & Blocks, Silica Bricks and Mortars.

We can assist you for customer’s project needs. AZS Zac Blocks, Jargal blocks, Zircon, Mullite, Andolosite, Silica, Zirmul and Insulation Bricks are cut, shaped and processed with equipped machines. Depending on your application and working temperature, we recommend the best refractory for your requirements.

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Refractory Products
  • azs zac bloklar
    AZS ZAC Blocks

    Mainly used in glass furnaces for glass contact zone and other superstructure areas.

  • yüksek alumina tuğla
    High Alumina Bricks

    Refractory bricks alumina content %60 upto %95, used in many industries related with heat insulation such as glass, iron-steel.

  • asit tuğlası
    Acid-Proof Bricks

    Resistant to liquid and gas acid, mainly used in petrochemical industry.

  • seramik fiber battaniye
    Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    Fiber blankets resistant to thermal shock, can insulate temperature upto 1430°C.

  • kalsiyum silikat bordlar
    Calcium Silicate Boards

    Excellent insulation with low thermal conductivity.

  • mullit tuğla
    Mullite Bricks

    Mainly used in heat treatment, glass and ceramic industries.

  • şamot tuğla
    Chamotte Bricks

    It contents between %30-%48 alumina, mainly used in heat treatment, contruction, glass and foundry industries.

  • izolasyon tuğlası
    Insulation Bricks

    Used as heat insulation and back material in glass, ceramic, iron, and non-ferrous industries.

  • seramik fiber bord
    Ceramic Fiber Boards

    Used for many application in industries as insulation products and easily applied cutting, shaping and drilling processes.

  • havada sertleşen harç
    Refractory Castables

    Ready to use refractory castables and mortars, has insulation upto 1400 °C.