Refractory Processing

special shaped bricks manufacturing

Cutting and drilling processes;
Drilling with diameter of Ø10mm - Ø400mm
Cutting with thickness till 700mm
In additon; we are manufacturing refractory brick with surface polishing, shaping and opening channel services for our customers.

According to customer demand, given shapes drawing or description, we are manufacturing all sizes and shapes refractory bricks with working temperature of 800 °C- 1800 °C.

Special & Shaped Refractory Bricks

  • Arch Brick
  • Nozzle Brick
  • Channel Brick
  • Resistance Holder Brick
  • Ladle Under Brick
  • Cone Brick
  • Cupola Furnace Brick
  • Ladle Brick
  • Level Brick
  • Expansion Brick
  • Spout Brick
  • Furnace Inspection Brick
  • Temperature Hole Brick