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  • Refractory Bricks & Blocks

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Refractory Products

AZS Zac Blocks, Jargal blocks, Zircon, Mullite, Andolosite, Silica, Zirmul and Insulation Bricks are cut, shaped and processed with equipped machines.

  • azs zac blocks
    AZS ZAC Blocks

    Mainly used in glass furnaces for glass contact zone and other superstructure areas.

  • high alumina brick
    High Alumina Bricks

    Refractory bricks alumina content %60 upto %95, used in many industries related with heat insulation such as glass, iron-steel.

  • Acid-Proof Brick
    Acid-Proof Bricks

    Resistant to liquid and gas acid, mainly used in petrochemical industry.

  • ceramic fiber blanket
    Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    Fiber blankets resistant to thermal shock, can insulate temperature upto 1430°C.

  • calcium silicate boards
    Calcium Silicate Boards

    Excellent insulation with low thermal conductivity.

  • mullite bricks
    Mullite Bricks

    Mainly used in heat treatment, glass and ceramic industries.

  • chamotte bricks
    Chamotte Bricks

    It contents between %30-%48 alumina, mainly used in heat treatment, contruction, glass and foundry industries.

  • insulation bricks
    Insulation Bricks

    Used as heat insulation and back material in glass, ceramic, iron, and non-ferrous industries.

  • seramik fiber board
    Ceramic Fiber Boards

    Used for many application in industries as insulation products and easily applied cutting, shaping and drilling processes.

  • air-setting mortar
    Refractory Castables

    Ready to use refractory castables and mortars, has insulation upto 1400 °C.

Industrial Furnaces