Refractory Castables & Mortars Manufacturing

özel ve şekilli refrakter tuğla üretimi

We are manufacturing all kinds of refractory castables, mortars, low cement refractories and fire concretes such as high alumina castables, air setting mortars, zircon containing mortars. Fire concretes are widely used in iron-steel industry, foundries, refineries and petrochemical plants, power plants and cement industries. Refractory mortars are used for brick lining, arch and chimney build, crucibles, burners and furnace back doors as mortar material with the working temperature of 800 °C to 1700 °C.

Customized specifications available.

Refractory Castables & Mortars

  • Refractory Mortar
  • Insulation Castable
  • Low Cement Castable
  • Chamotte Mortar
  • High Alumina Castable
  • AZS ZAC Mortar
  • Zircon Mortar